KW Glee is an auditioned choir and holds auditions twice a year.

We currently offer a senior group for ages 14-19, and a junior group for ages 9-13.  For those that we are unable to take in the junior group (usually because of size limitations), we have the KW Glee Youth Pop Choir Class which is an invite-only group that has a similar schedule to the junior group, and has its own performance at the end of term.  A good number of performers that are chosen for the junior group have participated in the class.

Auditions for term 16 will be held in June.  This page will be updated once scheduling is confirmed.


Tuition for seniors is $350 + $20 photo fee, and $275 for juniors + $20 photo fee.

Costumes will likely need to be purchased.  A “look book” is provided, and performers must have costumes that confirm to those guidelines.  Please have a look at photos on this site, or videos of KW Glee on YouTube to get a sense of costumes.